What Parents Say About Our Classes

We have been taking your classes for many years both with my son and now with my daughter and have loved every one! I highly recommend it to my friends, especially new moms. I thank you as always for such a wonderful program. We sing, dance, read, and listen to the music every day and my kids have grown into music lovers because of it.

Music Together® mom since 2005

We love Music Together, as it was part of our lives for so many years (both in Florida and Tennessee). Without question, it was the best program my kids ever participated in! Your class was the first activity we signed up for when we moved here over 5 years ago--and I am so glad we did. I truly believe you (Kym) and the Music Together program are to thank for my children's love for all types of music. Even now they will sometimes ask to listen to Fiddle or Maracas. Now that my babies are 11, 9, and almost 7, I think we are finally done with this beautiful chapter.

Please keep spreading the beautiful music to all the kids of Nashville. Thank you. xo

Rachel Schneider - MT Mom

Music Together brings music into your home, music that the children love to sing when they are playing or bathing or riding in the car. And for parents- the music will always be remembered for the time when your children were little, which is fleeting.......

Music City Music Together Mommy

Music Together is a wonderful time for both my 20 month old daughter and myself. She has learned to play the CD all by herself because she loves the music so much. We dance, sing, and have such fun. Thank you for a wonderful experience every week!

Music City Music Together Mommy

Thank you for all the fun music classes! I like when we sing about dogs and play with all the instruments. One of my favourite things is when you bring the stretchy band and we bounce and stretch. I will miss singing about monkeys and all the other fun things with you during the break. Love, Arya 

a child's note w/ grandma's help

Music is food for the soul. As we feed the body so it will grow and develop. We feed the soul with music, so it will grow too! You can never begin too early for either.

Gabriella and Amalia's Grambi

We wanted to thank you for sharing your love and passion for music. I feel so lucky that both or kiddos had the chance to know you and be inspired by you. We will miss your smiling face, your joyful voice and Iris will miss your hugs.....

From Iris and Mom

Thank you for being such a positive force in our lives! You have inspired me to sing more, be more present and encourage all types of music and movement in our family! The Bongos and Bells music are a part of us and Graydon starts singing the songs without even knowing it! Thank you again for caring so much about the kids and inspiring a love of music.

Grayden, Hal and Torrey

Super nice music experience! Ryan, 2 years old, got so much exposure to music and rhythm with a happy, sweet, smiling teacher.

Ryan's Grandma

What a great class. There is not anything like it that I have found in Nashville.

Liz, Charlie's mom

I cherish the improv! Hearing in class helps us be spontaneous and creative at home! 


What is your favoirite musical memory?

~  "When my youngest sings at bedtime"

~ "Hearing my two year old sing an entire song from memory"

~  "My child singning louder than anyone else in class!"

~ "Watching my daughter learn to spin and sing"

~  "The smile on Kaylin's face when we sing her favoirte songs"

Music Together parents

Thank you for helping our hearts to sing and sing and sing! We love your class!!

Luke, Eli, Rachel and LaLa

You have given me the permission to be musical, even though I don’t feel like I have talent. This has been such a gift to my kiddos (and me!).



Music Together Mom