Music Classes for Big Kids

We drum & dance.

         We stomp & sing.

                We conduct & compose.

                      We play games & make music the Big Kid way!


Rhythm Kids by Music Together® 

Meeting Afterschool/Outside

For children ages 4-8

Our Rhythm Kids classes are just the thing to get your child to ( willingly) put down the iPad and start making music with their friends. Designed specifically for pre-K and early elementary students, these active classes tap into how children this age are wired to learn, with music games, animal rhythm stories, and lots of stomping-flying-climbing fun.  During each weekly, high- energy class, students have a blast exploring rhythms inspired by musical traditions around the world. 

 Parents and caregivers are encouraged to join in with their 4 and 5 year olds but it is not mandatory especially with the big kids 6-8. Our curriculum is an international, research-based music immersion program developed specifically for families with preschoolers and early elementary students aged 4 to 8-years old. 


  * Learn, Create, Discover and Explore Music-Movement and Drumming cultures around the world!

  * Explore Traditional Drumming patterns through animal names and movment

  * Develop skilla on various percussion instruments and in imporvising, soloing, conductiong, and composition 

  * Participate in active musical games that are enriching and fun


Rhythm Kids students will need their own drum to use in class and at home.   A Djembe is what we recommend for the class. There are many different sizes and prices for Djembe drums. We recommend a djembe at least 12” tall at a minimum. 12”-16” tall is a great option for children. For adults, a drum at least 20” tall is recommended. Djembe Direct is offering Rhythm Kids Families 5% off and free shipping.  Use code: RHYTHMKIDS at checkout. Another great resource for drums that has a webpage created specifically for Rhythm Kids is MindysMusikids.  If it is easier, here are a few Amazon links for reference:

12.5” tall (7-inch head)

16” tall (7.5-8.5” head)

20” tall (9.5” head)


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Music Outside in Hillwood/West Meade 1
Family Backyard /2021 Fransworth Dr
Nashville, TN 37205
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Rhythm Kids/ Big Kids ( 4-8 ) Thursday 4:00 PM - 4:45 PM Apr 15, 2021 Kym Johnson/Director Register