Fall Online for Babies ( Infants - 9 Months )
Music City Music Together Inc.
Kym Johnson
Thursday, 11:30 AM - 12:00 PM
Start Date: 07/06/20
Duration: 7
End Date: 08/20/20


Making Music With My Baby


You might be wondering what your newborn could possibly take away from a music class and how old they have to be before they can benefit.

All children benefit from early exposure to music and movement. This class is designed for infants 9 months and younger to start baby on a pathway of music development that will allow them to embrace, enjoy, and express their inborn miscality!

Did You Know....

Whether or not you consider yourself  " musical"  your family can be a  "Musical family".

Now's the time to start.... maybe with a simple lullaby each night as part of your bedtime ritual.